Be part of it.

Stager is a startup on a mission, based in the center of Rotterdam, and ready to conquer the world. On a daily basis thousands of people buy tickets for concerts, club nights, festivals and theater performances. But we do more than just generating barcodes and handling transactions. We are building a complete ecosystem for event organizers to plan, market and sell their events. 


Stager's employees are people who have experience in different areas of the event business; as a producer, as a promoter, as an artist, as an organizer, as a director, as a very frequent visitor. We love events. We want to help organizers all over the world to organize more parties, theater shows, concerts, festivals and club nights to spread the energy and feel the love.

  • We like Freedom
  • We take Responsibility
  • We are Innovative
  • We know how to Party

'We love the tone of voice of Stager, we love the people that work there and how they make us feel a part of Stager too'

Mike Dobber - Hall of Fame

A small selection of organizers that work with Stager